Worship is the most important thing we do at St. Philip's. It grounds us. It connects us to God. It teaches us to see our lives in perspective and to live them well. At St. Philip's, our worship is best described in three ways:

Our Sunday services always follow the format found in our Book of Common Prayer. If you're not used to this kind of worship, it can be tricky at first. That's okay. Observe, watch, enjoy. Soak it in, and don't be afraid to ask someone if you would like help.

Our worship is not a one-man show centered on the priest. You also have a part! The congregation participates through responsive readings, singing hymns, offering prayers, and more, using all five senses to allow God to reach us. You may notice that some people cross themselves, bow at certain times, or make other manual responses throughout the service. Don't worry if you're not sure when and how to do all of that. Though personally meaningful to those who do them, such actions are not required or expected. be yourself.

Reverent & Joyful
Above all else, our worship is reverent and joyful. The reverence found at St. Philip's points to the beauty and mystery of God and provides healing for our weary souls. The joy we find sends us out into the world in love, ready for a new week of possibility in our daily lives and spiritual journeys.